The AWOL. ep.

So, I’ve got this idea to do another EP for (we’ll see how long it actually stays up because,) I’m going to do all covers… but at the same time it’s sort of a concept album. It’s gonna be a 4 song EP, with the possibility of a 5th song recorded “hidden track” style at the end of the 4th track. Anyway, here’s the concept (and the cover so I don’t forget)…

So, the concept is extremely random. I’ve been going through random files on my computer… blah blah found some old songs, blah, saw one of the owl stickers, Lorem Ipsum Dolar, wanted to spell “OWL” with the illustration in the middle… oh, so that’s the cover story, and I drew that picture and came up with a title. So, now there’s the matter of the tracklist (BTW I was listening to the Melvins the whole time I came up with this.) That factors into the Lysol EP, where they covered the Alice Cooper song that I’ve always wanted to do (cover) since way, way back. So I came up with this concept…  4 songs from back in the day that relate to people that co-inside with letters (somewhat randomly) in the word AWOL (pronounced Ah-wool.) So here goes…

  1. A – The Ballad of Dwight Fry – the A is for my friend Aaron (it get’s more random as we go) but I’ve always really wanted to do a cover of this song, and we used to listen to it all the time when we were in high school. It’s by Alice Cooper (covered by the Melvins BTW,) love that bleeding guitar outro.
  2. W – Credit in the Straight World – the W is for Marci (which actually starts with M, but upside down it’s a W) so… (don’t worry, it get’s more random) She used to listen to Hole and Pearl Jam a lot back in the day. There’s no way I’m going to attempt a Pearl Jam song… this should be tricky enough as it is.
  3. O – Window Shop for Love – or – Let’s Go Away – the O is for Jon, his name has 3 letters… O is the middle one (and if that’s not random enough… it gets even more.) He had a CD copy of Is This Real? by the Wipers back in the day, he made me a tape, I listened to it religiously, and probably covered the whole album on demo cassettes while I was learning guitar back in high school.
  4. L – The New America – the L is for Don (ironic) he used to have a shirt (in the 90’s people wore work shirts with other people’s names (nametags?) on them) with the name “L” embroidered on it. We played a show once with this band, Spider Virus, and they were amazing. He picked up a copy of their CD and we listened to it in his car a lot… so it fits, and also it’s a good song to leave with.

Now as far as hidden tracks go, it comes down to 2… 1.) I Like Fucking, by B.C.Ragtime (which it will probably end up being) and 2.) Zero the Hero by Black Sabbath which I really want to do because (for one) I can relate that song to both Don and Aaron, so it sort of brings the whole EP together, and (for two) I’ve always wanted to cover that song (or Sweet Leaf) by Black Sabbath.


Spider Virus cover Zero the Hero immediately after The New America, so I think it might be a no go. I Like Fucking it is(or is it, you’ll just have to wait and see my mood at the time!) Anyway, this time wasn’t logo-rama, but I’m still waiting to hear back from the Russell, so… until next time kiddies.

Goin Out West (Long Island)

So, I recently got back from a weekend trip to Long Island, and came back with a couple new ideas… both as ridiculous as random.

  1. Start making my own ketchup (catsup… cat-syrup?) …which I found a bunch of recipes online, and I’m sick of ketchup tasting like it does. So maybe it won’t be ketchup at all. Either way, I just want to create a recipe to put up on the site, and then have a label that people can download and print to put on the jar. I started drawing label ideas, but I haven’t scanned anything yet.
  2. Re-record a new version of “I Like Fucking” (the B.C.Ragtime song, not the Bikini Kill one), only as a punk rock song instead of whatever we did with it the first time. So, with that idea… I sketched out this idea for a cover (which looks like this.)

…and now for a little Goin’ Out West. This is going to be a weekly online comic that my friend Matt (from work, not Turdman) and I are putting together. The idea comes from this sitcom idea we came up with, which I’ll explain later once we get a special Tumblr page or something set up for it. So, here’s the first one:

You can click on it to make it bigger… but hopefully this will actually work out for a while because it’s not just me starting some random idea. I’ll have more people to motivate me into making it. Who knows… maybe it’ll end up in the weekly paper or something after we get a little better at it. Anyway, that’s all for now… join us next time for EXTREME LOGONESS!


The Best View in Windsor

Hey… welcome to Tie Friday. Today we have a couple sketches… One (Anti Casual Friday) I did on Wednesday, and the other one I sketched yesterday, but then I did all the inking today because I didn’t have the proper lighting yesterday. Speaking of lighting, I got some mail yesterday, and I think it’s almost time to start making some real paintings again. What do you say? So, with out any further bullshit mouth, I give you The Best View in Windsor

…it’s Detroit by the way.

Buying a New Conscience

Had a weird dream about getting attacked by a security guard in Hart Plaza… then I just woke up and drew a picture.

Then stepped it up with a little boredom… and now I have this odd looking “finished” sketch. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it though, but it’ll keep me up with my recent drawings trying to get in gear for some new paintings…

Sketchbook Fridays

I had an idea, to post new sketches as I did them. Only I wanted to call the idea Sketchbook Fridays… which still sounds cool to me, only thing is I usually work on Fridays and don’t get around to drawing. So I’ve taken to just drawing whenever I have the time. I’ve gotten my scanner hooked back up, and everything else should be ready to go… except for the fact that most of my work is sort of, eh. Either way, here’s some stuff I’ve been throwing together over the last week or so.

Buying a New Conscience Burning Down Yesterday Cookie Face

Recalculating Happiness…

…because it has taken me so long to finally decide and update this blog (as it became too hard to manage since nothing seemed to work anymore.) Anyway, I couldn’t find a way to export or update the old blog from version 2.5 because it was created before those features were included… blah, blah, blah… I’m an Idiot, I need to go back to school. Anyway, here we go… watching The Future, and ready to start an idea that I’ve had for a long time (but like everything else, never got around to finishing… errr, starting?) So, here’s to new beginnings and recalculating happiness.

How to Survive Your High School Reunion (Calculating Happiness)
Calculating Happiness (2005)

My Girlfriend Hates This Shit

New B.C.R.-ish track up on Soundcloud… and because I know people (apparently) hate not having lyrics, I figured I would transcribe them here, and perhaps the old blog will relay the message to facebook.

(Gonna do a practice run)

We’re burning out fast in a dead scene
People say it’s ok, but it still reeks like shit to me
We never separated from the old crew
Still kick the same shit that we talked back in ’02
Our dreams have died, but from ashes they rise
Compromise in our lives is the world that consumes me
We may be broken in our minds, but realize
Portland, San Diego, Iowa City, Asheville, but still Ypsi

My Girlfriend Hates This Shit (2x)

Give it up for the Belleville crew
In East Ypsi spilling my drink
Can’t think of the next line, but…
I’ll hit you up on the next time, what?
No contests per request
Never did punk the best in the middle west, cunts!

M.G.H.T.S. by Nick Polifroni