Dropping Science Up Your Flask

Beginning the infantile stages of the reworking of nickpolifroni.com… It’s pretty much been just an old non-updated blog since the last time it got hacked. It’s gonna be a quick little single page portfolio for now, then I’ll update the old blog (this website) and then start to get these sites together. Enough about that shit though… Let’s talk about recent work, because that’s always fun, and there’s always lots of fun to talk about… er, work I mean.


Did a couple album covers for the new youtube16 series of videos produced by Praverb the Wyse (newest single Devize feat. Praverb – Temporary Home). I was pretty excited about this because it was a simplistic text based project, and I got to throw a logo on it as the art credit. Hello new website traffic… look out for more from this project to come.


Did a nice flyer illustration for a new gorilla marketing campaign idea. The part about this that made it especially fun was that this is my old band from college. It’s nice to see them still making music and getting respect that they deserve with each new release. The image depicts a scene from a couple songs on their upcoming album that can be found here… but enough talk, let’s get to the visuals.
…and with that, I’m giving this whole blogging thing a rest for a bit. Hope you enjoyed it, I’m planning on switching up the new blog into something a little more random… so look forward to that.