John Gacys Day Parade

So, I had this idea… Soundcloud will explain:

So, I was walking home from work yesterday and got this idea. The Thanksgiving 3-Pack: 3 new songs with a holiday theme, jam-packed with a bunch of stupid fucking samples stuffed into the play length of a 7″ record… total fail. Either way, I think I hate how this album turned out, but what can I say, written, recorded and mixed down all withing a 30 hour period (not to mention I was sleeping, clean the apartment and cooking a Thanksgiving meal in that time as well.) I guess it’s not all that bad. Happy Thanksgiving, maybe someone will enjoy this.

Here’s some lyrics:

Everywhere I Go I Love You
You will never come
To celebrate your history
Culture stomped out
Assimilate to Christianity
Lined up in a parade
Thanking Gods  for mistakes you made
Commercializing what put your dreams in early graves
We walk the streets today to hide dark history
We’re so good at genocide, nothing will ever change
Gather all, and celebrate their fall
Our crooked culture shocked a world that hates us all
Love can’t save us, no, love can’t save us
Love can’t save us now

We look so stubborn
Waving banners on the TV
Sponsored by companies
Who’s interests exploit our needs
We should have never, forgotten our history
Cultures have fallen before when people succumb to concede
We think we’ll never separate
We’re too good to lose
What good is a man with a culture?
The answer is, he’s better than you

Baby Jesus Brand Cigarettes
I am thankful for:
The Guidance of TV
Product labels that falsely lead
People dying in the streets
Unregulated marketing
The illusion of safety
Inflated prices on gasoline
Profiteering from incurable disease
Just cut the fucking bird

I swear I do other things. Maybe painting coming soon. Let me get some good photos together. Here’s a link… Later yo.

The 6th Day

Ahhh… finally the end of my 6 day stretch at work. Also, the title of the Arnold movie that Dalton was trying to think of the other day (at least, I think it is) …anyway… tomorrow is all about website revisions for the Boydell sites, mainly Bouzouki. We’ll see how all of that goes… I’m going to have to do quite a bit of digging to try and find where some of that old stuff is hiding. However, tonight is mine, and I’m just gonna kick back and enjoy a 6 pack of Hop Notch. I had some spicy rice crackers that sort of spoiled my pallet, but I can still taste that this beer is not nearly as bitter as I had originally hoped it would be. It’s still pretty good nonetheless.