Clothing Rental Agreement Form

Dresses can “bleed,” transfer or rub the color on your skin and/or clothing/underwear/tights if worn and DDDR is not responsible for this damage and will not replace you for or replace these clothes. The use of the dress is at your peril of possible damage to clothing. -Try to rent will be 2 days from the date of receipt of the dress by the tenant. The dress must be returned within 2 days of receipt or late fee. Try on the rentals allow the tenant to try on clothes to determine fit and will before the requirement for a full tenancy. Try on the period is not used to wear the dress during any type of performance or be danced during wearing. The dress must be returned with the fixed day, or there will be a full rental fee as well as the loss of the deposit. I agree with all the conditions stipulated and that Dazzle Dance Dress Rentals and agree to cover the cost of renting clothing, shipping and any damage/loss/theft and/or late charges. Jewelry rental Late returns are $10 per day. The same return contract is considered a clothing rental for the rental of jewelry.

This agreement contains all the conditions that govern your rental of Lending Luxury products through the website from time to time. You agree that your general use of our website, with a commitment other than rental orders, as stipulated in this Agreement, will be subject in all respects to the Terms and Conditions of Use of our Site, which are available in the General Conditions and Privacy Policy in the Privacy Conditions, as these conditions may change from time to time. Other terms and conditions (preprinted or other) must not have any strength or effect. You accept and acknowledge that you rent the products and that the ownership of the products always remains at Lending Luxury. Our products can be rented for people under the age of 18, but we only rent to adults who can purchase with a credit card or any other authorized means of payment. If you are under the age of 18, you can accept these terms and conditions and order products only with the participation and consent of your parent or legal guardian. Currently and generally, we limit to four the number of products that can be rented by you and our other customers at any time (4). If you buy a subscription, you are limited to a maximum of four products in your possession at any given time.

-Professional cleaning is included in the rental price and no additional cleaning costs are charged unless the dress is damaged or returned too dirty. Don`t clean the dress for any reason. -Tenants who are in possession of a dress are not charged for extra days before their event if they have been agreed by DDDR, and their event is within the next 20 days. The full clothing rental fee must be paid up to the return date of the trial or a late payment fee is charged. Please contact DDDR for permission to keep the dress during this time. First rental of a designer product.

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