Dpc Enterprise Agreement

If the agreement is approved, it will be submitted to the Fair Work Commission for formal approval. If you have any questions about the VPS contract, please email vpsagreement2020@dpc.vic.gov.au (External Link). The community and public sector union and the government have agreed on a package that aims to reward you for your important work, while ensuring that public services can be made more responsive. Before using office products for “service” businesses, contact the Agency`s service manager. A full list of changes to the current agreement and a copy of the final agreement are attached. Take some time to review the proposed agreement before the vote. Flexible work will be clarified and protected by the merger of all existing provisions into a specific part of the new agreement. Workers no longer have to work for 12 months before requesting flexible working time arrangements. Benefits for workers under the new enterprise agreement include annual wage increases, a new mobility premium, higher overtime rates and night work allowances, as well as more parental leave. Before using the contract, you conduct a data protection and risk assessment.

This directive contains guidelines for Article 48 of the VPS agreement, which defines the range of workplace assistance for workers who are prepared for violence, including access to 20 days of paid leave. . . . The CPD brings together people from all walks of life in our community. In this way, we are building a strong, motivated and dynamic workforce that reflects the diversity of the people of NSW. This gives us a deeper understanding of the communities we serve and allows us to achieve better results for the people of NSW through our wide range of know-how, perspectives and innovative ideas. In the event of a contradiction between the internal policy of a department or agency and the common policy, priority is given to the common policy. Services and agencies can still offer staff more generous services, going beyond what the VPS agreement and common policies require.

Workers receive a mobility bonus, which must be paid as an annual package, in recognition of their continued commitment to these new ways of working. . As NSW`s lead public service agency, DPC coordinates service delivery through a government approach. DPC works directly with the community and we move forward in delivery to serve customers who depend on NSW utilities. We are inspired by our core values of integrity, trust, service and responsibility. Aspiring executives and executives can participate in training programs to develop their skills in leading teams, human resources management and recruitment. The flexible work network helps employees through flexible work processes, allows them to exchange learnings and identify barriers and solutions for flexible work within DPC. At DPC, we value diversity and we all treat it fairly and fairly.

The Prime Minister`s Awards for Excellence promote and recognize good practice and innovation at all levels of government in Australia, while appreciating the achievements of working groups, units and public sector teams. . If applications cannot be resolved, staff in the human resources or department and culture staff of departments and agencies should be advised by e-mail irv.info@dpc.vic.gov.au or by telephone from those named in their contact portfolio with DenKundungen in Victoria.