Labour Law For Agreement

Each worker`s wages depend on their qualifications, the complexity of the work done, the quantity and quality of the work and are not limited by the maximum value. If an employment contract has not been terminated after the withdrawal period has expired and a staff member is not terminated, the employment contract is resumed. The exact amount of wage increases is determined by the employer taking into account the opinion of the employee`s representation or the collective agreement, employment contract. When developing the shift work plan, the employer must take into account the opinion of the workers` representation. Shift work plans are usually complements to the collective agreement. The validity of a training contract may be extended for the apprentice`s period of illness, participation in periodic military training and, in other legal cases and in cases prescribed by law. Article 83. Termination of an employment contract due to circumstances that do not depend on the will of the parties Those guilty of not providing the information necessary for collective bargaining and exercising control over compliance with collective agreements are subject to fines under federal law. Additional annual wages paid are provided to workers who work with harmful and (or dangerous) working conditions, workers who participate in a specified activity, workers with irregular hours, workers working in the regions and regions of the Far North that are assimilated to them, and in other cases provided for by federal law.

All expenses related to participation in collective bargaining are offset in the manner defined by law, collective agreement and collective agreement. The payment of the services of experts, experts and mediators is provided by the inviting party, unless otherwise stated in the collective agreement. It is not permissible to refuse women to enter into an employment contract because of their pregnancy or the presence of children. If, within 30 calendar days of the formal publication of the proposal to join the agreement, employers submit to the federal executive body, in the field of work, their written and appropriate refusal to join the contract, the agreement is considered an employer from the date of official publication of the proposal. Article 161. The development and admission of standard labour standards Guarantees and allowances for workers who combine work and education in higher education institutions that do not have state accreditation are set by the collective agreement or the employment contract. If the worker comes to work with the employer on the day of the blood donation (except hard work and work with harmful and/or dangerous working conditions, if the worker does not come to work, he must, at his request, benefit from another day off. Local standard laws that provide for the introduction, modification and revision of labour standards must be accepted by the employer, taking into account the opinion of workers` representation. The monitoring of compliance with the collective agreement, the agreement is exercised by the parties to the social partnership, their representatives, the bodies concerned in the field of work. Equipped with written declarations from employees and members of a trade union, an employer makes a free monthly transfer of union rights deducted from employees` salaries on the account of a trade union organisation.

The royalty transfer procedure is defined by the provisions of a collective agreement. An employer does not have the right to delay the transfer of these fees. The general contractor is now responsible for the complete coordination of the work to comply with safety and work requirements by several organizations (more than two) in the context of work on the same site.

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