Mediation Agreement Traduction

. The Polish authorities confirm that the distribution of costs (operating and investment costs) between Gdynia airport and its military user has not yet been formally agreed. At a later date, the municipality confirmed that the agreement had been reached. . The Commission`s formal prior agreement is then required. it has entered into a formal agreement with a counterparty for the Eurosystem`s monetary policy operations to cover a residual load position at the end of the day concerned, or seasonal and casual workers, provided that they have entered into a formal or informal agreement with the company or local entity and that their working time is fixed in advance any reduction in service offers or interruption of the line of conduct by an operator must be be formally arrested by the regional authorities. . Following an agreement on the terms and conditions, the settlement officer and the network manager will become aware of a formal agreement containing the conditions agreed digitally. .

they are listed in OLE III and have entered into an official agreement with the OLE, in which it agrees to regularly provide the organization with information on its animal health status. infrastructure management tasks by a mandate assigned to it by RFF in the form of an agreement, according to the same principles. . . . Formal agreement on an exchange rate system for the ECU.