Metro Vancouver Collective Agreement

Union representatives, who contributed to the agreement during a marathon round of negotiations last week, boasted that the agreement contained “historic benefits” for workers. The two sides met at least half a dozen times during the day and finally extended the midnight deadline by half an hour before finally reaching an agreement. We negotiate our own collective agreements. The elected members of the negotiating committee have extensive experience at the negotiating table, working committee hearings, labour arbitration procedures and mediation. We see clear benefits in home negotiations, including economic savings; In addition, since the negotiating committee is the result of accession, they must live and work under the terms of the new collective agreement that they negotiated and approved, together with their colleagues to whom they agreed. VANCOUVER — After nearly a month of strike action, unionized bus and SeaBus employees voted Thursday to ratify a new three-year collective agreement. “Metro Vancouver transit workers will see significant improvements in wages, benefits and working conditions as a result of this new agreement,” Unifor President Jerry Dias said in a statement. “Our dedicated and dedicated employees will benefit from a balanced and competitive package that will improve wages, benefits and working conditions,” said Michael McDaniel, President of CMBC. Unifor had threatened to launch a large-scale strike if an agreement was not reached by midnight last Wednesday, which TransLink estimated would have resulted in an additional 36,000 vehicles on the road the following day. Skilled craftsmen also benefit from a 2% increase retroactive to April 1, plus an additional increase of $1.95 per hour, which applies immediately to bring them into compliance with the skilled craftsmen of the SkyTrain system, represented by another union. They then receive increases of 2% each over the next two years. 2 1 GREATER VANCOUVER REGIONAL DISTRICT EMPLOYEES` UNION.. 2 BOOKING POSITIONS ..

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. . 5 13. planning time 6 CONVENTION COLLECTIVE: CLAUSE PAGE 1. We operate and manage regional services such as water treatment, distribution and disinfection; wastewater collection and treatment; management and safety of watersheds; Affordable housing across the region Regional parks Infrastructure projects; Air quality monitoring And much more. After the agreement was ratified, the union shared concrete details with the public for the first time on Thursday evening. 9 Regional DISTRICT tasks are regional Parks, Housing, Strategic Planning, air quality, communication and education, and local labour relations. Regional DISTRICT is also responsible for water supply, sanitation and waste management in the region and two other separate companies, greater VANCOUVER Water DISTRICT and Greater VANCOUVER Sewerage and District, which are responsible for these functions. The board of directors is much the same as for the REGIONAL DISTRICT, but the areas served are somewhat broader. All employees are employed by regional district. The main officers of the region are: President .. G.

Moore Vice President. Social desensitization practices and face masks are mandatory.

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