Lakeland Catholic School Division Collective Agreement

(c) judgment or transaction: an order from a competent court or an agreement by which the teacher agrees to accept any amount of money that represents a previous or future loss of the allowance, either by means of a lump sum, periodic payments or the purchase of a pension or any of them. 3.4.8 The adjustment date for the number of years admitted for the experiment is the first day of the school year or the first day of February, provided that no teacher receives more than one increase in experience during a school year. 2.6.1 In centralized table negotiations, representatives of the association and TEBA meet no later than 30 days after the announcement of collective bargaining. At the first meeting, the association and TEBA will exchange details of all requested changes. The provisions of clause do not apply if the termination of the assignment is due to bad weather, class suppression, school closure for any reason, or where the employer proposes another assignment at the same time as the cancelled assignment. 1.1 This letter of appeal is made in accordance with Article 8 of the collective agreement (practical conditions). The contracting parties agree that, where teachers` teaching time is compressed and current collective agreements are tacit, teachers will be given time off from the extra time provided in the table below. The next 0.25 days are rounded for this calculation. Both parties recognize the need for flexibility to maintain the timetable for the employer, but also to assure teachers that an extension of the teaching day can result in leave for teachers. 9.2.5 The employer determines, at its sole discretion, the number and persons to be granted sabbatical after reviewing the seniority of each applicant and the interests of the school system.

5.2.2 Effective September 1, 2017, sticking during the school year is not considered interrupted or consecutive when a leave, teaching day, work day or other system-regulated break interrupts the continuity of the substitute instructor in the classroom. 2.3.2 A notice pursuant to subsection 2.3.1 is considered a notice of opening collective bargaining in accordance with section 59, paragraph 1, of the labour code. 3.3.2 The placement in the salary plan is based on the number of full years of teacher training on the first day of each school year or at the beginning of employment and/or February 1,4.4.2 Effective November 1, 2018, a maximum of one (1) school day with full medical treatment is granted, in addition to the provisions of Article 14.4.1. 1.4 “general increase” a percentage of salary increase applicable at all stages of all the grids of a settlement agreement. 1.3 The trial program will take place during the 2017/2018 school year and will expire on August 31, 2018, notwithstanding the contracts rendered by law.