Vipr Agreement

IMPORTANT: Agreements will be included in .pdf files. To view .pdf files, you must have Adobe Reader VIPR, a web-based forest service application that was designed to request, forgive, and manage I-BPAs (Incident Blanket Purchase Agreements) before the season. The agreements granted by VIPR are competitive on the basis of the best value. This website contains essential information and instructions for suppliers about the VIPR program, including: the steps necessary to become a supplier, links to the software needed to open and edit electronic VIPR requests, vipr supplier user manuals and a web-based tutorial, links to shipping priority and VIPR agreements granted. IMPORTANT: The information displayed on this website is linked to the contract agent (CO) of the agreement and the region and unit of origin of the CO. If a CO has an agreement for a region other than its own, the host dispatch center of the agreement is listed under the region and the original unit of the CO, NOT in the region where the dispatch center is located. Enter the contract number in the appropriate format (AG-xxxx-B-##-7### or 12xXXXYYT7###) Pre-season VIPR agreements are available for the following categories of devices/services: Virtual Incident Procurement (VIPR) is an online forest service application for managing De Blanket Purchase Agreements (I-BPAs – previously called Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements or EERA). The application supports the 2005 USDA-OIG audit results, which require the Forest Service to implement a stricter approach to managing presea season incident agreements. In the vendor application, click the My Agreements tab to view your agreements and/or to respond to modified agreements. In the footer of the provider application, you can click on the “Online Help” link for more detailed instructions.

No agreement has been reached. Please try to change your search criteria. If you have equipment under an existing forest service contract or if you plan to meet a request for equipment, use VIPR Vendor Application. Suppliers should familiarize themselves with the requirements and prepare for a contract with the forest service. For more information on what suppliers should do, see the “Be a supplier” page. Vendors should also review the beta. SAM website for VIPR invitations they wish to respond to. NOTE: If the agreement you are looking for was requested at the national level (for example.B. crew carrier buses, refrigerated trailers and GIS units), R13 (National) agreements are included in the host dispatch center chosen by the supplier to respond to the invitation. Click the Login button on the right and use your eAuthentication username and password to access the provider`s application. This information is now collected via company information in the provider`s application. Use the wizard to edit the company information to complete that information before submitting an offer.

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