The Shape of Dreams to Come

Well, I know it’s been a while (as always) but I thought I’d just hop right back into it like nothing happened and explain a little bit about what I’ve been working on without actually showing anything. Damn, that was quite the run-on sentence. Anyway friends, the name of the game has been sketching as of late, however, there’s really a lot more to it than that. Here’s a non-look at what’s in the works:

Remedy667 is Coming Back

The dead will once again light your internets, with a fresh new design based on all the prior designs mashed together. Some key features of the site will be click-n-print gigposters, free fonts & design resources, free wallpapers and other computer lameness, and even music. Now we’re talking… in addition to more free stuff than most people care to shake things, I’m also planning on having a small store somewhere in there. To sell all of these weird t-shirt ideas I’ve been cooking up.

Other Than That

I’ve just been working like crazy, got a promotion… transitioned into full-time. Some new revisions to old Boydell sites should be coming soon as well. Then the ever popular Postcard Exchange, and hopefully some new artwork is soon to come followed by design, beer & media reviews… all that shit. Anyway, enough talking here’s some sketchbook fun.


Goin Out West (Long Island)

So, I recently got back from a weekend trip to Long Island, and came back with a couple new ideas… both as ridiculous as random.

  1. Start making my own ketchup (catsup… cat-syrup?) …which I found a bunch of recipes online, and I’m sick of ketchup tasting like it does. So maybe it won’t be ketchup at all. Either way, I just want to create a recipe to put up on the site, and then have a label that people can download and print to put on the jar. I started drawing label ideas, but I haven’t scanned anything yet.
  2. Re-record a new version of “I Like Fucking” (the B.C.Ragtime song, not the Bikini Kill one), only as a punk rock song instead of whatever we did with it the first time. So, with that idea… I sketched out this idea for a cover (which looks like this.)

…and now for a little Goin’ Out West. This is going to be a weekly online comic that my friend Matt (from work, not Turdman) and I are putting together. The idea comes from this sitcom idea we came up with, which I’ll explain later once we get a special Tumblr page or something set up for it. So, here’s the first one:

You can click on it to make it bigger… but hopefully this will actually work out for a while because it’s not just me starting some random idea. I’ll have more people to motivate me into making it. Who knows… maybe it’ll end up in the weekly paper or something after we get a little better at it. Anyway, that’s all for now… join us next time for EXTREME LOGONESS!


The Best View in Windsor

Hey… welcome to Tie Friday. Today we have a couple sketches… One (Anti Casual Friday) I did on Wednesday, and the other one I sketched yesterday, but then I did all the inking today because I didn’t have the proper lighting yesterday. Speaking of lighting, I got some mail yesterday, and I think it’s almost time to start making some real paintings again. What do you say? So, with out any further bullshit mouth, I give you The Best View in Windsor

…it’s Detroit by the way.

Buying a New Conscience

Had a weird dream about getting attacked by a security guard in Hart Plaza… then I just woke up and drew a picture.

Then stepped it up with a little boredom… and now I have this odd looking “finished” sketch. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it though, but it’ll keep me up with my recent drawings trying to get in gear for some new paintings…

Sketchbook Fridays

I had an idea, to post new sketches as I did them. Only I wanted to call the idea Sketchbook Fridays… which still sounds cool to me, only thing is I usually work on Fridays and don’t get around to drawing. So I’ve taken to just drawing whenever I have the time. I’ve gotten my scanner hooked back up, and everything else should be ready to go… except for the fact that most of my work is sort of, eh. Either way, here’s some stuff I’ve been throwing together over the last week or so.

Buying a New Conscience Burning Down Yesterday Cookie Face

Making Magic

People’s Arts Festival

Wow, so it’s been exactly 1 month since my last post… and my PAF collages (for this weekends art fair) have come a long way. Let’s take a quick walk through the process and how it’s been working out in the last month.

Well, we all know about the first step of making the collage, right? No? …shhhh. Shut the fuck up then, no one asked you. Here’s where we start with the stickers. It all begins with an index card containing a sketch of a schoolgirl holding a pair of sais.


Noted. The following process (partially documented here) involves converting the index card into a 1:1 copy for a better resolution on the sticker. In this case, the size was about 15×26 give or take. Once it’s been scaled to size, and drawn out better it is then transferred to the sticker material. In this case we’re using a simple method of a scanner and printer. The separate sheets from the printer then have to be trimmed down so to fit together as one.

Once this process is completed, the sticker is then trimmed down in order to maximize the amount of visible background. After all, the process of making the background collage is just as interesting, and we don’t want it to be lost.  The sticker is then applied. Easier said than done with a sticker of this size. It will sometimes still have imperfections as problems arise during this step. However, these small issues will ultimately give the piece it’s individuality.

CIMG0343 CIMG0344 CIMG0351

Stay tuned to learn more…

There’s Magic Inside…

RIC Spring Open House 2010

Well, I was up all night working up this flyer, and it just went to print today. We should get them in by Friday, so expect to see a posting of the printed version sometime next week… then rejoice when I finally post it a month from now. I started up a flickr account to use for my blog (since the upload button no longer works in the ancient version of wordpress) …anyway, you can check that out here: …but enough about me. Here’s the flyer…

RIC Open House Spring 2010 Front

Early Alternate Versions

…it’s not about the process.

…that’s all for now. I’ve been working on… right now it’s just a flickr photostream, but trust me… it’s coming way sooner than the Coats & Corpses website. Just in case you are hungry for something new, check out the Dance N Graff site… that’ll be in progress for a bit, but it’s live.

The Bird Czar…

Today the Russell Bazaar website got a much needed make-over… and oh yes, there is more to come. Here’s a sneak preview for people too lazy check out the website itself… I call it…

Russell, the Bird Czar.”

…this is a modified version of course. Right click them both if you want, I have the vector files.

Get Ready to March!

March (being the busy month to do just that) is promising to be quite the month for gallery shows… for people living in Arizona. First off, there’s a mini show (always fun)… a sticker show (always, …sticky?), and finally a poster show rounding out the end of the month. Now, me, being an illustrator claiming to be an artist (or is it the other way around) have decided to act in the supporting cast of all 3. I’ve been at it for a few weeks now, but haven’t divulged too much information into the blog…

I’m devoting this first post to the poster show, since that’s what I’m working on right this minute. I’ll talk about the other shows in retrospect, later… The rules are simple, 2 posters… 11X17 or larger… from 2 different local bands…


I did some drawing the other day, for the poster show…

I really want to use that nurse on the left, but it may prove to be impossible because I can’t think of any local bands that I would like to use it with right now. Lucky for you, it may become a Click’N’Print… I did, however, have a preconcieved idea for the Hadituptohere’s poster. It’s based on some illustrator art I had seen the other day that made drastic overuse of the Halftone, and this tutorial I stumbled upon a few months ago…

Then, I figured “Hey, Nick had asked me to do a DROP flyer for him a couple years ago, why not make a poster from that unfinished sketch?” Remember me…

Which brings us to where we are now… It’s cool though, even though these are looking incomplete as hell (In ore ways than one) I still have until the end of the month.